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The following is a series of interior design visualizations completed in the studio that were commissioned by the interior design practice based in Gstaad, Switzerland, Rougemont Interiors. The studio assisted the designer in the development of this project

from start to finish by providing iterations of the spaces in multiple stages and explored various lighting options

as well as furniture, textile and surface materials.

Fabric samples sent to the studio were carefully scanned and digitally recreated for further realism

and representation accuracy of the interior choices made by the studio.


Delineated by tall, bright windows, it was evident that natural lighting would have played a major role in the overall

feel of the space and so it was carefully assessed and taken into consideration when laying out the lighting planning.


In frame:

Bespoke coffee table in olive wood

Sofa by Meridiani Italia

Art piece "Stepping stone" by Marks through Kelly Wearstler

QUEEN'S GATE by Eduard Caliman


As a stunning solution to a large empty white wall behind the main seating area in the lounge, two recessed

shelving niches made of olive wood with a gorgeous brass detail along its borders were created.

In the back equally distanced wooden slats form a stunning vertical pattern

which are lit by warm recessed led lights.


QUEEN'S GATE by Eduard Caliman


The studio was happy to create for the designer beautiful vignettes which focus and showcase the close-up details

that we took the time to craft and which serve as further exploration of the space.

In frame:

Dune artwork by Marks (Kelly Wearstler)

Stepping Stone artwork by Marks (Kelly Wearstler)
Spectre armchair by Luxdeco

Veritas side table by Eicholtz


QUEEN'S GATE by Eduard Caliman


The two wood niches can be spotted through the coffee table leaves and are accented by researched pieces.

While arranged using composition rules for a comprehensible and seamless flow they inject

further style throughout the space.

Decor in frame:

Blanco J by Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Darcie bowl by Annie Selke

Cup coral sculpture by Michael Aram

Matte Sphere Sculpture by Luxdeco


QUEEN'S GATE by Eduard Caliman

360° Panoramic

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