Transform 2D drawings into photorealistic representations of your project

Working on higher budget projects brings the necessity of design certainty and through our repeated excellence in this field we are able to create aesthetic visuals that allow your team and client to have a better understanding of the direction of the project.


Fabric scanning and materials digitization

We have introduced into our workflow a procedure that allows us to recreate accurately the colours and surface details that fabrics contain as you can notice in the below CG representations. This process proved vastly important for our interior designer and furniture manufacturer clients.

Once the fabric has been digitally created it can be applied to other furniture items such as sofas, curtains, cushions etc. as can be seen in the CGI examples below. 

Any colour tweak or details change can be adjusted upon specification of a colour pallette, reference or RAL.

Furniture modeling and scanning

Detailed and accurate 3D representations of the furniture elements needed in a project are always a must and for that reason we have invested in a high-end scanner which allows us to capture on location the detailed geometry and surface of any furniture piece. 

Once we have acquired that information we are ready to process the data and proceed with the subtraction of the material information and clean-up of the geometry.

Whenever a physical furniture unit is not available for scanning we are able to recreate it manually using our 3D software from references and CAD data that can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Props and assets modeling and scanning

Using the methods depicted above we are also able to create any type of decorative objects for your space whether through 3D modeling and sculpting methods or by 3D scanning on location. 

Whenever possible we can receive physical samples and scan them in our studio.


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