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The following collection of interior visualizations was meticulously crafted by our studio for our London based client. Tasked with the mission of conceptualizing and creating an interior set for a high-end fireplace our team crafted the following contemporary apartment. This project, which involved a series of iterative stages, unfolded over a period of two months and we take pride in having created highly curated visuals which exceeded our client's expectations.


We have followed this process from start to finish by providing iterations of the space at multiple stages and explored a vast array of lighting conditions as well as designer furniture, textile and surface materials.


Fabric samples sent to our studio were meticulously scanned and digitally recreated to enhance the realism and accurately represent the interior design choices made by the studio.

A Touch of Opulence

Anchoring the room is the Sandragon Bookcase, a creation of French designer Christian Liaigre. Standing at an impressive 260 cm height, 150 cm width, and 54 cm depth it boasts fixed shelves and a two-door cabinet with an adjustable shelf, providing ample storage and display space. This piece, with its clean lines and symmetrical form, exemplifies simplicity and functionality, offering a subtle nod to the understated elegance of French design​.

Flanking the fireplace, two Gio Catania armchairs by Eicholtz form an inviting seating area and continue the overall palette offering a perfect balance of comfort and style.


A Symphony of Harmony and Proportion

Underfoot, a rug by Sahrai Milano adds a layer of plush comfort and a touch of opulence. While the specific design couldn't be found, the brand is known for its luxurious, high-end rugs, often featuring intricate patterns and lavish materials.

At the heart of the seating arrangement is a coffee table by B&B Italia known for its innovative design, and meticulous attention to detail. This table offers a common ground for the surrounding elements, reinforcing the room's sense of balance and proportion.

To the side, Minotti injects a dose of sculptural precision into the space with its Boden side table and further continues the refined and timeless aesthetic.

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In frame:

Boden side table by Minotti

Rug by Sahrai Milano

Coffee table by B&B Italia


Relaxed Sophistication

The charm of the space is further amplified by the inclusion of two Eicholtz Gio armchairs. Upholstered in a luxurious Catania green fabric, these retro-style armchairs stand as a celebration of comfort and style.

The chairs feature slender legs with a brushed brass finish, providing an elegant metallic contrast to the rich, velvet upholstery. The deep seat and long backrest are designed to hold you comfortably, while the padded arms add an extra layer of comfort, making these chairs perfect for unwinding after a long day. The armchairs serve not just as comfortable seating but also as a splash of color that enriches the overall aesthetic of the living room.


The choice of these chairs reflects a preference for a blend of retro and modern elements, adding to the room's overall luxurious opulence.



For updates on our current projects and design work make sure to follow us below.

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