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The following is a series of interior visualizations produced by our studio for our LA based client. Our team was entrusted with the responsibility of devising innovative concepts and solutions to transform a penthouse that was still under construction and taking it from a undeveloped space into a luxury residence. This process, involving numerous iterations, spanned over the course of five months and we are proud to report that our client was extremely pleased with the final concepts and imagery we delivered.

We have followed this process from start to finish by providing iterations of the space at multiple stages and explored a vast array of lighting conditions as well as designer furniture, textile and surface materials.


Fabric samples sent to our studio were meticulously scanned and digitally recreated to enhance the realism and accurately represent the interior design choices made by the studio.



Situated in a resplendent penthouse with panoramic city views, the living area is a tribute to modern luxury, presenting a serene and calm environment that is designed to resonate with the grandiose cityscape outside. The living room is a harmonious blend of styles, drawing from subtle minimalism, moody tonalism resulting in an expansive landscape-focused design.

Three wooden shelves with brushed brass borders ascend gracefully along the wall. Skillfully embedded with LED strip lights, these shelves serve as pedestals for beautifully curated decor, illuminating each piece and casting a soft glow across the room and creating a rich and immersive atmosphere, subtly emphasizing the contrast between light and dark in the room.


The centerpiece of the living area is the Beauty Modular Sofa by Flexform, designed by Antonio Citterio. Its frame of wood and metal is enveloped in removable upholstery, offering an invitation to comfort and relaxation. Its linear yet soft and cozy design effortlessly adapts to the contemporary style of the room, reflecting the subtle minimalism that permeates the space​.

In the company of the sofas are two Baby Beluga Mini armchairs by Atra, designed by Alexander Díaz Andersson. These chairs, with their velvet seats and brass backs and bases, inject a touch of modern elegance to the room. Available in various finishes, the armchairs in this setting are a testament to the versatility and the personal touch of customization​.


A large round coffee table known as graces the center of the living area. This table, like a placid body of water, reflects the light in the room, lending an added depth to the space​. Sharing the space with the coffee table is a glass panther decor by Bugatti and a brass bowl in the shape of a Monsterra leaf.


These decor pieces enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room, their glossy surfaces gleaming under the soft glow of the LED strip lights.


Adjacent to the living area is the dining section, presided over by the Giano Dining Table by Cattelan Italia. The design, by Maurizio Manzoni and Roberto Tapinassi, showcases a strong character that combines technical innovation in surface, form, and material. Complementing the dining table are Fynn dining chairs by Minotti.

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In frame:

Fynn dining chairs by Minotti

Giano Dining Table by Cattelan Italia


Every piece of furniture and decor is thoughtfully selected, abiding by design rules and maintaining a fine balance between form and function. The entire space exudes a sense of serenity and calmness, reflecting the expansive landscapes outside and inside, all in a panorama of living luxury.


The carefully chosen color palette of light amber, indigo, dark teal, and light maroon further enhances the overall ambiance of the living area, creating an environment that is not only stylish and modern but also warm and inviting.

For updates on our current projects and design work you can follow us below.

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