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Our design journey has always been driven by the ambition to present our clients' visions better than photographs, where every detail serves to enhance their narrative and purpose. This ethos drove our recent project, a harmonious blend of classical architecture and modern digital techniques.

Drawing inspiration from opulent Victorian interior designs, we created a series of visualizations for a classical corridor space. The focus was on the stark contrast between the lavish brass accents and the austere grey plaster walls, interspersed with hints of glass reflected in the grand chandeliers equidistantly spaced.

Among the spatial elements sits the Proust armchair, a design marvel by Alessandro Mendini launched in 1978, which is featured prominently. This iconic piece, famous for adorning the Palazzo dei Diamanti (Diamond Palace), in Ferrara, was beautifully repurposed in our visuals, adding a layer of global design acclaim to the space.


Our in-house scanning workflow was of paramount importance in facilitating the creation of digital materials with a level of accuracy that truly captures the essence of the physical objects. The result was a series of visualizations that not only narrated the grandeur of the space but also exhibited the intricate detail of individual elements such as the digital fabric scan applied to the Proust armchairs.

ArtEngine Article - Cam04_1_3.jpg

The visual journey through the space was curated with carefully chosen camera angles. The composition was designed to augment the product focus and frame aesthetics, presenting a narrative that unfolds with each viewing angle.

ArtEngine Article - Cam20_1.jpg

A couple of highlights from our project include a curtain vignette showcasing our in-house scanned material and a detailed close-up of the rug, highlighting the high-resolution scan from our library. Both instances serve to demonstrate the level of detail and accuracy we commit to our projects.

ArtEngine Article - Cam01_1.jpg

This level of detail and accuracy not only showcases the quality of our work but also provides clients with a comprehensive visual aid to support their design process. Each visualization tells a story, the narrative shaped by the careful arrangement of elements within the space and the precise rendering of these components.

ArtEngine Article - Cam12_1.jpg
ArtEngine Article - Cam18_1.jpg

Our design process, while largely digital, remains rooted in the physical world. We believe the most effective visualizations are those that can replicate reality down to the finest details.


One of the standout features of this project is the lighting. We studied how light interacts with different surfaces, how it can add depth to an image and create an ambience that draws the viewer in. The play of light and shadow, the gleam on polished brass, the soft glow from the chandeliers – each of these was carefully crafted to create a harmonious and visually arresting representation.

In this rapidly evolving field we continually strive to set new benchmarks, to push boundaries and redefine the standards of excellence. It stands as a striking demonstration of what is possible when cutting-edge technology meets creativity, skill, and a deep understanding of design.

At our studio, we bring dreams to life, one pixel at a time and we look forward to inviting you on more such journeys through spaces reimagined, as we continue to explore the limitless potential of digital visualization.

For updates on our current projects feel free to follow us at:

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